Wood Prairie Farm News Digest

Wood Prairie Farm News Digest #108

1.        Trade Dispute Hangs Over White House Child-Migrant Fight – 06.30.14
Politico. David Rogers.  Monsanto holds up aid.

2.        Wolfe’s Neck Farm Secures Major Grant from Stonyfield to Launch an Organic Dairy Farmer Training and Research Program – 06.27.14
Wolf Neck Farm.

3.        Protecting Organic Seed Integrity – 06.27.14
The Cornucopia Institute. Pamela Coleman, PhD. Highlights Protecting Organic Seed Integrity.

4.        Seralini Study Republished: GMOs and Roundup Cause Serious Health Issues – 06.26.14
Food Integrity Now. Carol Grieve.  Dr. Seralini audio interview (50:23).

5.        Agriculture for a Small Planet Symposium – 07.01.74
 The Berry Institute. You Tube video (41:09) of Wendell Berry presenting 40 years ago in Spokane WA.


Wood Prairie Farm News Digest #107

1.        Re-Publication of the Séralini Study: Science Speaks for Itself – 06.24.14
GMO Seralini.

2.        Widespread Impacts of Neonicotinoids ‘Impossible to Deny’ – 06.23.14
BBC News. Matt McGrath.

3.        State May Bring in Outside Help to Defend GMO Labeling Law – 06.21.14
Brattleboro Reformer. John Herrick.

4.        Kyrgyzstan to Ban all GMO Crops – 06.15.14
Ecology and Farming.

5.        GMO Labeling: Lessons from Vermont
Organic Connections
6.        The Impact of the Nuclear Crisis on Global Health – 05.01.14
Helen Caldicott, MD.

Wood Prairie Farm News Digest #106

1.        Steve Marsh to Appeal GM Canola Contamination Case – 06.19.14
Safe Food Foundation and Institute.

2.        The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate – 06.18.14
Rolling Stone. Al Gore.

3.        National Organic Standards Board Threatened by USDA Maneuvering – 06.17.14
Beyond Pesticides.

4.        ‘Super’ Banana to Face First Human Trial – 06.16.14
Yahoo News.

5.        Roundup Damages Sperm – New Study 06.13.14

6.        Moms to EPA: Recall Monsanto’s Roundup – 06.05.14
Huff Post Food for Thought. Ronnie Cummins.

7.        GMO Scientist Switches to Breeding Organic Cotton
Organic Connections. Ken Roseboro.

8.        The Problem of Social Cost in a Genetically Modified Age – 01.27.05
Social Science Research Network. Paul J. Heald, James Charles Smith.

Wood Prairie Farm News Digest #105

1.        Vermont’s Landmark GMO-Labelling Law Target of Lawsuit by Food Trade Groups – 06.13.14

2.        Election Fallout: Judge Says AG’s Lawsuit Against Grocery Manufacturers Can Move Ahead – 06.13.14
The Olympian. Brad Shannon.

3.        40 Maps that Explain Food in America – 06.09.14
Vox. Ezra Klein. Susannah Locke.

4.        How EPA Faked the Entire Science of Sewage Sludge Safety: A Whistleblower’s Story – 06.09.14
Independent Science News.

5.        2 Farmers, 2 Views of GMOs – 06.08.14
USA Today. Dan D’Ambrosio. Re-use of 05.08.14 Burlington Free Press Article.

6.        Farmers Disagree on Impact of GMOs – 06.08.14
Burlington Free Press. Dan D’Ambrosio.  Article features Plaintiff Senator David Zuckerman.

7.        USDA and Submachine Guns: Latest Example of Mission Creep as Federal Policing Expands – 06.07.14
Truthout. Candice Bernd.

8.        Vermont’s New GMO Law May Upend Food Industry Nationwide – 06.06.14
Los Angeles Times.  Evan Halper.

9.        Biotech’s Assault On Balanced Journalism – 06.04.14
Huff Post, Food for Thought. Ken Roseboro.  Reuters’ Carey Gillam under attack.

10.     Contribution of Organically Grown Crops to Human Health  –  04.08.14
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Wood Prairie Farm News Digest #104

1.        Australia Risks Organic Export Growth as it Struggles to Coexist with GMO – 05.29.14
Reuters. Colin Packham.

2.        Australian Organic Farmer Loses GE Contamination Suit – 05.29.14
eNews Park Forest.

3.        GMO Ban: Jackson County’s New Law Exposes Cultural Rift on the Future of Farming – 05.28.14
Oregon Live.  Yuxing Zheng.

4.        UPDATE 2-Australian Organic Farmer Loses Landmark GMO Contamination Case – 05.28.14
Reuters. Colin Packham.

5.        Supreme Court of Western Australia In Civil: Marsh –v- Baxter [2014] WASC – 05.28.14
WASC. Full Ruling (150pg).

6.        Marsh v Baxter [2014] WASC 187  (CIV 1561 of 2012) Judgmet Summary
Supreme Court of Western Australia. Judgment Summary (6 pg).

7.        Press Release: GM Farmers Win is a Loss for all Organic Farmers and Non GM Farmers – 05.28.14
Safe Food Foundation and Institute. Press Release.

8.        Monsanto Teaming Up With US Military to Target GMO Activists – 05.24.14
Global Reserch. Jonathan Benson. First published by GR on July 27, 2013.

9.        FDA Ignored Own Scientists’ Warnings About GM Food Safety
Eat Drink Better.