ETC Grove Analysis of Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Unless regulators step in and do their jobs at restraining monopolies, the face of world agriculture will radically shift and consolidate control thereby causing an unprecedented threat to world food security. This article from highly crediblPat Mooney and ‘ETC Group’ is MUST READ. Please share widely. Thanks! Jim

“Wednesday’s confirmation that Monsanto and Bayer have agreed to a $66 billion merger is just the latest of four M&A announcements, but at least three more game-changing mergers are in play (and flying under the radar). The acquisition activity is no longer just about seeds and pesticides but about global control of agricultural inputs and world food security. Anti-competition regulators should block these mergers everywhere, and particularly in the emerging markets of the Global South, as the new mega companies will greatly expand their power and outcompete national enterprises. Four of the world’s top 10 agrochemical purchasing countries are in the global South and account for 28% of the world market.[1] If some of these throw up barriers, shareholders will rebel against the deals regardless of decisions in Washington or Brussels.

“‘These deals are not just about seeds and pesticides, but also about who will control Big Data in agriculture,’ says Pat Mooney of ETC Group, an International Civil Society Organization headquartered in Canada that monitors agribusiness and agricultural technologies. ‘The company that can dominate seed, soil and weather data and crunch new genomics information will inevitably gain control of global agricultural inputs – seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and farm machinery.'”