Excellent Potato Varieties Highlighted

‘Rodale’s Organic Life’ asked us just this question and we sent down a big box full of over a dozen different organic potato varieties which we grow and love on our Maine farm.
These eight – each depicted in a great photo – are the notable potato picks by author Betsy Andrews. Betsy also includes perfect, well-matched recipes with each potato. The old days of blah potatoes have been succeeded with new colors, tastes and textures. Check them out! Jim & Megan http://www.woodprairie.com/category/organic-maine-potatoes

“Carola. Megan Gerritsen calls this yolk-hued spud a ‘shining star’ for good reason: Dense and mild with a thin, delicate skin, it has a creamy texture and a sweet flavor. Boil it with salt. (These 5 potato recipes like you’ve never had will take your potato love to a whole new level.)”