NY Farmers Urge Cornell to Evict “Alliance for Science”

Leaders within New York’s organic farming community have taken a courageous stand. They have signed a letter which urges Cornell to evict the Gates-Foundation-funded pro-biotech “Alliance for Science” citing that its presence runs contrary to the principles which established Land Grand Universities.
Congratulations to New York for having farmers with remarkable integrity and willing to work and do the right thing. Jim

“As New York State organic farmers, we object to the presence of the “Alliance for Science” on the Cornell campus (http://allianceforscience.cornell.edu/). This advocacy group for the highly controversial agricultural genetic engineering industry, funded almost entirely by the Gates Foundation, has no place at a Land Grant university.

“Cornell’s mission is to conduct objective research and education whereas the “Alliance for Science” has as its stated purpose to “help foster more constructive policies about biotechnology as a useful tool in the toolbox of food security and sustainability” and to spread it around the world.

“This biased presence impedes objective discussion of biotechnology on campus.”