GMO Defenders Absent

Courageous and articulate GMO critic Dr. Jonathan Latham is having a hard time finding ANY scientist willing to debate him about the benefits and safety of GMOs. And most astonishing of all, this absence of GMO-advocates-willing-to-debate follows a pattern he has observed for over 15 years.
Dr Latham’s explanation as to why GMO partisans are unwilling to publicly defend their golden cash cow should serve as a real eye-opener to all of us. Jim

“This avoidance of public debate is part of a pattern and the reasons are simple: in any fair fight, the arguments for the safety and benefits of GMOs fail.

“As I have discussed elsewhere, there are strong scientific reasons to doubt the safety of GMO crops. The arguments against them are not limited to the dramatic increases in pesticide use they have engendered. GMOs also created the massive and dangerous consolidation being seen in the agriculture and seed sectors and have greatly reduced options available to farmers. Remarkably, they even yield less…

“In the final analysis, almost everyone loses from GMOs, except the makers themselves. These harms are often hidden or obfuscated, but in an unbiased debate they cannot be. Proponents of GMOs thus find themselves defending the indefensible and sometimes they collapse into blustering idiocy.”