Michael Pollan on Industrial Ag’s Stranglehold on Agricultural Policy

Don’t miss this excellent new piece in the NY Times by Michael Pollan (author of ‘Omnivore’s Dilemma’ and ‘The Botany of Food’).
Of course, food is basic and absolutely essential to EVERYONE of us. A corporate-captive government – unwilling/unable to defend the public interest – in the pocket of self-serving multi-national corporations represents a dilemma of epic proportions.
With serial SELL-OUTS by institutions including our three branches of government and the discredited Organic Trade Association (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/on-the-organic-trade-associ…), how we consciously decide to spend our food dollars has become more important now than it has ever been..
Spending food dollars wisely means doing one’s homework and then acting accordingly. The authentic organic community remains a major force dedicated to protecting the public interest in our Food War fight. To continue to work on your behalf, honest food suppliers absolutely do need your financial patronage. The importance of purchasing from authentic organic producers – be they certified organic family farmers at the local farmers market or honest, independent organic food manufacturers selling through retailers – can not be overstated.
If we perform our individual roles well, the way we spend our food dollars can be converted into a strategic vote for democracy and for the strong, transparent, healthy food system our families deserve. Jim & Megan

“A spokesman for the American Council on Science and Health, a chemical-industry front group, called the Obamas “organic limousine liberals,” warning that organic farming would lead to famine and calling on the first lady to use pesticides in her garden — evidently whether she needed them or not. The Mid-America CropLife Association wrote a letter to the president suggesting that, by planting an organic garden, his wife had unfairly impugned conventional agriculture. A minor skirmish, perhaps, but also a shot across the bow.”