WSJ Reports on Consumer Demand for Transparency

Monsanto’s bogus DARK Act – which feigned GMO transparency – passed by our dysfunctional Congress in July may have delivered ablissful moment of imagined relief to the cadre of aloof Big Food executives.
However, the WSJ reports this reality: consumers remain adamant about their expectation of greater honesty and transparency from food companies. Now, at least one executive is starting to get it. Jim

“‘Transparency is the coin of the realm,’ said Denise Morrison, chief executive of Campbell Soup Co. , which earlier this year unveiled a plan to voluntarily label such GMO ingredients on its products, as federal and state lawmakers debated their own standards…

“Campbell Soup in January announced its support for a federal rule requiring GMO labels, and said it would voluntarily cite GMOs on its packaging. While Campbell believes GMOs are safe to eat and can play a part in providing food to a growing global population, Ms. Morrison said that the move responded to continued calls by consumers for transparency into how food is made…

“Campbell’s Ms. Morrison said that the soup maker plans to continue with its labels. Though it is still too early to gauge any impact on sales, since the company’s labels began appearing on store shelves in July, she said she has been inundated with letters and messages from customers praising the move.

“‘They are saying, ‘thanks for telling us,’ Ms. Morrison said.”