Good Background on Proposed Bayer-Monsanto Merger

A properly functioning anti-trust regulatory structure would quickly dismantle – as unacceptably monopolistic – the proposed record-sized merger of mega micreants Monsanto & Bayer.
Meanwhile, the three-day peoples’ Tribunal begins today in the Netherlands. The Tribunal “will adopt the format of the UN’s international court of justice but will have no standing in law” (…/monsanto-staged-stunt-gm-seed…). Jim

“The Big Ag tech giants Monsanto — maker of Agent Orange, genetically modified seeds and weed-whacking chemicals — and Bayer — famed for manufacturing poison gas for Nazi concentration camp use, heroin, baby aspirin and systemic pesticides — are merging. Food security advocates, consumers and non-zombies worldwide are deeply concerned…

“Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders describes the mega-deal as ‘a threat to all Americans.’

“‘These mergers boost the profits of huge corporations and leave Americans paying even higher prices,’ he said…

“On October 15-16, a panel of six internationally renowned judges will hear testimony from 30 witnesses covering five continents where there are reports of injury by Monsanto’s products. This grassroots-led international citizens’ tribunal and People’s Assembly will culminate in November with the release of advisory opinions prepared by the judges. The tribunal’s work, which includes making the case for corporations to be prosecuted for ecocide, is all the more relevant because of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) announced plan to ‘prioritize crimes that result in the ‘destruction of the environment,’ ‘exploitation of natural resources’ and the ‘illegal dispossession’ of land,’ according to a report in The Guardian UK.”