Maine & Ranked Choice Voting

Maine citizens will vote on Nov 8 for the USA’s first State-level proposal for an improved system of voting called “Ranked choice Voting.”
This endorsement by the Portland Press Herald is significant in that it rivals the Bangor Daily News as Maine’s leading newspaper. Jim

“We need an electoral system built for the way we live today, not for the way our grandparents lived.

“That’s why we support Question 5, a proposal to introduce ranked-choice voting in primaries and general elections for U.S. senator, U.S. representative, governor and members of the Maine Legislature.

“This reform represents a bold change, but it’s a change that would bring back something we’ve lost – consensus politics in a time of political fragmentation…

“We are much more likely to see competitive multi-candidate races in the future than we are to see a return of two-party dominance.

“Under the current system, loud voices are noticed and the ability to bring people together undervalued.

“Ranked-choice voting is the right change for Maine.”