Question 5 on Maine Ballot

Lewiston Sun Journal article (…/ranked-choice-restores-…/1997089) by Maine Treasurer Terry Hayes who strongly supports Maine’s pioneering effort – Question 5 – to become America’s first State to switch to Ranked Choice Voting.
A few years back, while she was a State Representative, Terry drove the bus that brought Legislators serving on the Joint Ag Committee to Aroostook County. That tour included our Wood Prairie Family Farm. Terry is independent-minded and from the western Maine town of Buckfield which is where Megan’s clan – the ‘Carvers’ – hales from. Jim & Megan

“Mainers are proud of their political independence, whether they are part of a party or not. Mainers like having choices. Unfortunately, the current ballot was not designed to handle more than two choices. It no longer reflects how leaders are elected.

“Ranked Choice Voting is a cost-effective update to the voting system to accommodate that reality.

“Those reasons are enough for me to vote ‘Yes’ on Question 5; but my real passion for speaking out in support of Ranked Choice Voting stems from my work to improve civility in politics…

“Under the current voting system, the incentives for parties, PACs and politicians is to energize their partisan and ideological bases, turn them out to vote, and beat down their opponents to win with 30, 35 or 37 percent of the vote.”