GMA Recieves Record $18 Million for WA State Election Fraud

Monsanto’s CLOSEST ALLY in the on-going massive, dishonest and maniacal corporate war against citizen’s Right-to-Know about GMOs has been the disgraced and CRIMINAL lobbyist Grocery Manufacturer’s Assn (GMA).
Now, Washington Superior Court judge Anne Hirsch has levied TREBLE penalties totaling $18 million against GMA. This is the LARGEST CAMPAIGN FINANCE PENALTY EVER METED OUT IN U.S. HISTORY.
In a blatant illegal effort to FOOL VOTERS – AND THEREBY STEAL THE ELECTION – GMA was CONVICTED of “intentionally” hiding the identities of out-of-state junk-food-corporations who funneled into Washington millions of DARK MONEY dollars in order to BUY THE ELECTION.
While the record-breaking fine is certainly warranted, TRUE JUSTICE would also demand a NEW ELECTION, complete DISMANTLING of criminal-enterprise-GMA and LONG PRISON TERMS for ALL corporate and GMA LEADERS responsible for this jaw-dropping, democracy-threatening ELECTION FRAUD. Jim

“The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which collected money from the nation’s top food and beverage companies, along with five corporations, raised $22 million to defeat the ballot measure, which would have required labeling of genetically modified foods in the state. Voters narrowly rejected the proposal in the state’s costliest initiative fight.

“‘I took this case to trial because the GMA needed to be held accountable for their arrogance and wilful disregard of Washington state campaign finance laws,’ Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a statement Wednesday…

“The state noted board meeting minutes and other internal documents to show the group wanted to protect individual companies from attack, particularly after some received criticism for opposing a similar GMO-labeling measure in California…

“Hirsch wrote Wednesday that she didn’t find credible the testimony of GMA executives that the group did not intend to violate Washington campaign finance law.

“Nestle SA, PepsiCo Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. were among those that contributed to the account and about $11 million was spent from that account to defeat the ballot measure.”