Shifting Rural Economies

The ‘Bangor Daily News’ offers a case study of Greenville – on the edge of Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead Lake – to illustrate the challenges of a forest-products-based economy in the midst of adverse world economic trends.
Beyond the article content, do enjoy the beautiful accompanying photographs (including a great short video of climbing up Little Spencer Mountain).
Moosehead Lake is in Maine’s North Woods and is 80 miles southwest of Wood Prairie Family Farm. Katahdin – and the 200,000-acre Baxter State Park which surrounds it – plus 87,000-acre Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument lies between us and Moosehead. Jim & Megan

“Rural communities in Maine’s North Woods came into being because of the natural resource around them — the forest. But global economic forces have fundamentally changed their economies. Manufacturing jobs have disappeared, mechanization has reduced the need for labor in logging, and loggers who are cutting wood struggle to get a good price for what they cut.”