Solidarity Aids Standing Rock

Bank support quickly crumbled once proof of human rights abuse at Standing Rock was provided. Jim

“‘There [were] four people, big shots in a big company,’ Niillas said. ‘None of us knew what to expect. They seemed confident at the start and then uncomfortable as we started talking about what was happening at Standing Rock. By the end, I could see they realized the severity of the situation that they were in.’

“Shortly after that meeting, on November 17, 2016, DNB sold off $3 million in assets. Although the bank is still responsible for offering the pipeline companies hundreds of millions of dollars in credit — about 10 percent of the credit needed for the project — S├ími activists are confident this is just the start of complete divestment of Nordic countries from the pipeline, and they recently scored yet another victory: On November 24, Odin Fund Management, a major fund manager in Norway, also announced that it sold $23.8 million worth of shares that were invested in the companies that are part of the Dakota Access pipeline.”