The Truth About Biotech’s Lies

Monsanto and their allies have purposely been fibbing and exaggerating claims about the GE crops for two decades in order to manipulate public policy and maximize profits. The NY Times called them out. Now Alternet’s Reynard Loki also calls a spade a spade. Jim

“‘I’m glad that the New York Times has now discovered what those of us in agriculture have known for 20 years, that the old and exaggerated claims of genetic engineering by Monsanto and their allies are bogus,’ Jim Gerritsen, an organic farmer, told AlterNet. ‘They have not panned out and I’m glad that now the newspaper of record has made this clear to a lot of people.’ Gerritsen and his wife Megan have owned and run Wood Prairie Family Farm in northern Maine for 40 years. ‘A lot of us have been saying this for a long time,’ he said.”