Family Farmers Face Economic Challenge

Under relentless encouragement from self-serving Industrial Ag, for many decades federal policy has gone done the wrong path of worshiping the unholy alliance of bushels-per-acre “productivity” wedded to externalized-cost-accounting (the willingness to ignore the fact that our food is being poisoned – or ground water polluted – so long as cash-register-prices appear seductively “low”)
Another HUGE FACTOR working against family farmers is USDA’s DISHONESTY in failing to do their job and enforce existing organic laws which would keep out of the organic marketplace FRAUDULENT AND ILLEGAL milk, meat and eggs from corporate CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feed Operations) and FRAUDULENT AND ILLEGAL produce from soil-less corporate hydroponic operations.
Hope is born when truth delivers understanding of the real situation. The powerful illusion we must expose then, is the fantastic food – honestly-priced and carefully-produced by unsubsidized family farmers – appears high-priced compared to the bogus and unfair corporate counterfeit.
Please believe us when we tell you virtually all family farmers now farm under significant financial duress. Do read this good yet sobering article which helps document this hidden farm-crisis reality.
Spend your food dollars wisely. Use them to create the future you want your children and grandchildren to experience and benefit from. Do your part and always remain hopeful. Jim & Megan

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