EPA Glyphosate Hearings a Kangaroo Court

Excellent expose’ by US Right-to-Know’s Carey Gillam in Huff Post. The stakes are incredibly high for Monsanto and their enormous cash cow, “probable human carcinogen” glyposate, chief ingredient in Monsanto’s deadly herbicide “Roundup.” At serious risk, is the continuation of future blood-money profits generated by Round-up as well as infamous ‘Roundup Ready GE crops, protection from a tsunami of lawsuits from parties injured by glyphosate, and a Hail-Mary Santa’s-List mega-monopoly-merger with German bad boy Bayer.
True-to-form, Monsanto used its considerable might and purchased-political-connections to see that the hearing process was stacked in its favor. It appears Monsanto instinctively knows a truly impartial scientific review would doom forever its self-serving financial prospects for glyphosate.
The result this week of the EPA meeting was a predictable Kangaroo Court, one fully directed and produced by monolithic malevolent Monsanto. Jim

“Another element of the meetings that did more than raise a few eyebrows was the devotion of time given to industry presenters supportive of glyphosate versus representatives from non-profits or others who urged regulators to rein in use of glyphosate. Monsanto representatives were granted roughly 3-1/2 hours on Wednesday to make the case for glyphosate safety, and several other pro-glyphosate industry players were granted additional time as well. In comparison, most critics of glyphosate had comment periods that ranged from 5-15 minutes. Knott said speaking allotments were assigned based on how much time commentators asked for, but some glyphosate opponents said they were told they could not have more than a few minutes.”