Corporate Astroturf Groups Invade Organic

Using Madison-Avenue-generated ‘Mom-and-Apple-Pie’ names like “Food Science Matters” and “Coalition for Sustainable Organics,” it has become evident that high-powered multinational corporations now have the organic industry in their cross hairs. Industrial Food is utilizing sophisticated propaganda techniques – via ‘Astroturf’ groups – for their self-serving and dishonest efforts to lower organic integrity. Let’s not be fooled. Jim

“Similarly, a closer look at the organization “Food Science Matters” reveals that it has very little to do with communicating published food science. The “Coalition for Sustainable Organics” (CSO) is composed of major multinational, industrial hydroponic players, like Driscolls™, Wholesome Harvest™, and Nature Sweet™. In spite of their monikers, these operations are less sustainable than the majority of soil-based operations.

“Hydroponics is a very high-input production method compared to the low-input, truly sustainable techniques used by many soil-based farmers. The corporations owning the major ‘organic’ hydroponic operations are primarily conventional businesses, with only a portion of their investments in organics…

“Slow-release, on-farm, or locally available organic matter is recycled into the soil, maintaining soil fertility and providing the nutrients required for healthy plant growth.

“It’s operations like these that the ‘Coalition for Sustainable Organics’ is squeezing out of business, while claiming sustainability.”