The Story of ‘Maine Grains’

We’ve sold both organic grains and organic vegetables to the ‘Maine Grains’ food hub. Jim has spoken twice at ‘Maine Grain Alliance’s’ July ‘Kneading Conference.’ When six years ago we toured organic farms and grain mills in Denmark, our friend Amber Lambke – founder of Maine Grains – was a part of that group.
So it is very pleasing – watching their growth from 200 miles north – to read such a well-written article as this one penned by Amy Halloran, appearing in the sterling ‘New Food Economy.’ Jim & Megan

“Amber Lambke worked hard on those initiatives. She’d settled in the town with her husband during his medical residency, and didn’t like watching other young couples leave. Late in 2006, she invited a group of community-minded folks over for a potluck, to consider ways to make Skowhegan better. They hatched a plan for a weekend bread and oven conference…

“Another bridge between Maine farmers and the wider world is Aimee Good, who just started marketing grains in New York City. She also grew up on an Aroostook potato farm. She farms a small acreage of grains organically and remotely, long determined to keep connected to her rural roots. Building markets in New York City for her fellow Mainers really fits her convictions. ‘I love telling people what the mill means to Maine farmers,’ says Good. ‘The deep urban and deep rural communities need each other.'”