Mike Callicrate on Direct Marketing Meat

When it comes to the cattle business – and working to make better lives for family ranchers – our friend, Mike Callicrate, himself a rancher, knows what he is talking about.
We missed this MUST READ excellent article when it first posted last winter in ‘New Food Economy’. Well-written by Joe Fassler, Mike explains how one rancher – or a small group of local ranchers working together – can mimic, on an appropriate scale, efficiencies and cost advantages historically only the realm of concentrated mega-mega-industrial-operations. The system is win-win because CITIZENS GAIN ACCESS to rancher-direct-marketed meat via a convenient and urban bricks-and-mortar retail store.
Mike is a wise, modern-day cattle pioneer. His individual perseverance and personal success provides proof that his system works. Mike’s lifelong generosity and dedication to help other ranchers is behind his willingness give away the details for system replication anywhere. Hats off to Mike Callicrate! Jim & Megan