New Study Exposes USA Exports Do Not Go to Feed Hungry

Industrial Ag has spent a lot of time and money on research and focus groups. They have learned good and generous people are VERY empathetic to concerns over world hunger.
In a sophisticated and relentless propaganda campaign, Industrial Ag has used their ‘feeding the hungry’ card to get away with a slew of negative agricultural practices from inadequately-tested-GMOs to consolidated multinational monoplies.
A recent landmark study exposes the pack of self-serving lies Industrial Ag has been serving us for a long, long time. Here’s the key finding: JUST 0.5% OF U.S. EXPORTS GO TO FEED THE WORLD’S HUNGRY.
Let’s remember their concocted Big Lie next time Monsanto pleads we MUST have unsafe GMO crops in order to support a growing and hungry world. Jim

“If you’ve followed debates around US agriculture over the past decade, you’ve surely heard it: Our industrial-scale farms may pollute and overuse water, foul air, destroy soil, harm local economies, and abuse workers, but that’s just the cost of providing a crucial humanitarian service: feeding the world. The GMO seed and pesticide giants Monsanto and DuPont make versions of this argument; so has USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, the California Farm Bureau, and American Soybean Association. But can US exports really help ‘feed the hungry and malnourished in developing nations around the world,’ as the industry-funded site Facts About GMOs puts it?

“A new report from the Environmental Working Group basically destroys that claim…

“Meanwhile, the 19 nations with the biggest and most dire hunger problems import very little food from the United States—they accounted for a whopping 0.5 percent of total US agricultural exports in 2015, EWG reports. Even accounting for food aid, the great US ag behemoth contributes very little to feeding the poorest of the world’s nations.”