Organic Yields Higher than Conventional Corn

The key concept here is WHEN ORGANIC SEED IS USED, bushels per acre of corn grown organically are greater than when grown conventionally.
Here’s what’s at play. Organic systems are significantly different than conventional systems which heavily rely on toxic inputs. When good organic seed – that is, a variety bred for superiority under organic conditions and itself grown organically – is used, organic out yields conventional.
This Univ of MN study is reminiscent of the experience of researchers who worked with Dr. Steve Jones of Washington State University. WSU found the best wheat varieties from agriculture’s ‘Golden Age’ (1920s) grown organically yielded as well as the leading modern varieties grown under conventional management. However, those same leading input-reliant conventionally-bred wheat varieties performed poorly under organic conditions.
In their relentless effort to denigrate organic farming, Industrial Ag frequently sets up organic to lose by making comparisons in a rigged manner – playing to conventional ag’s strengths – designed to make organic look bad.
Finally, while we’re on this topic, ‘bushels per acre’ is a pretty one-dimensional metric. A more appropriate measure would be ‘nutrition per acre’ which is of real significance to both humans and livestock. When it comes to such a sophisticated measure of nutritional output, organic really shines. Jim

“Organic corn seed varieties produced strong yields in field trials held in two Minnesota locations in 2016. The trials showed that organic corn grown using organic farming methods produced higher yields than the same corn grown using conventional methods.”