Bridging the Rural Urban Gap

Good interview with Oregonian Gabe Rowe in ‘Daily Yonder.’ Gabe has lived in two worlds and as a clear thinker articulates a path forward on common ground. The “we” thinking is much more respectful and productive at solving our problems than the old “us and them” divisiveness. Jim

“Tim: Do you feel that there’s a cultural divide between rural and urban communities?

“Gabe: I do believe that there are fundamental American values that transcend urban, rural, cultural divides and I think that America is a place that is made up of many cultures and many subcultures. That fundamentally, that’s what makes us strong. I don’t think that having different cultural values and customs and beliefs is something that fundamentally divides us. I think that that diversity is something that actually … That’s what America is. I think we need it all. I think we need to preserve rural culture. I think that we need to have urban culture and I think though that what has happened is that people don’t feel like they can go back and forth. That’s really what we need to be able to do is go experience these places and these people and feel welcome wherever we are.”