Worthless GE Apples to be in Stores Soon

Now that Glyphosate-centric herbicide-tolerant (HT) GE crops are failing and being abandoned by farmers, a new generation of GE crops, HT to problematic and flawed ‘Dicamba’ herbicide, is being pushed by Monsanto and others. One problem is Monsanto is selling the Dicamba HT GE seed despite Dicamba NOT been approved for use.
ANOTHER HUGE PROBLEM being encountered with this illegal Dicamba use is its EXTREME VOLATILITY. When sprayed to control weeds in GE crops, there is a strong and unreasonable tendency for Dicamba to drift off-target and cause severe destruction to neighboring non-GE crops. Hundreds of thousands of innocent acres have been damaged by Dicamba spray drift. http://www.ecowatch.com/monsanto-dicamba-1995121281.html
Spray-drift injured farmers are demanding government action. States like Arkansas and Missouri are clamping down. Jim http://www.agrimarketing.com/s/107922

“Rone last week introduced two bills that would amend the approval process for herbicides and herbicide-resistant seed in Missouri. One of them, House Bill 605, would require the Missouri Department of Agriculture to determine whether herbicides sold in the state are “inherently volatile” and develop usage restrictions for those meeting certain criteria. The other, HB 606, would prohibit the sale of herbicide-resistant seed if the corresponding herbicide has not also garnered approval.

“But Rone described the legislation introduced Thursday as the biggest of the three. He said that bill, HB 662, would raise existing fines for illegal herbicide use from $1,000 per field to $1,000 per acre.

“‘The farmers down there have asked me to build something with teeth in it,’ he said. ‘That’s what I’ve done.'”