Mexico Continues to Nix GE Corn

Congratulations to Mexico which is exercising its prerogative to prevent the growing of GE corn crops.
GE corn, in particular, is a losing proposition which endangers Mexico, the birthplace of corn. More generally, GE crops disadvantge the public interest and promotes seed consolidation and corporate control since unlike traditional seeds, contractual restraints prevent farmers from replanting their own seed. Additionally, the documented increase in chemical usage associated with GE crops has negative impacts on both people and the environment. Jim

“A ban on planting genetically modified corn in Mexico is likely to continue for years as a slow-moving legal battle grinds on, said a top executive of U.S.-based seed and agrochemical company Monsanto Co.

“Last week, a Mexican court upheld a late 2013 ruling that temporarily halted even pilot plots of GMO corn following a legal challenge over its effects on the environment.

“‘It’s going to take a long while for all the evidence to be presented,’ Monsanto regional corporate director Laura Tamayo said in an interview. ‘I think we’re talking years’…

“Mexico is the birthplace of modern corn, domesticated about 8,000 years ago and today the planet’s most-produced grain…

“Critics say genetically modified corn plantings will contaminate age-old native varieties…”