Through written for a Florida crowd, this article serves as a good primer for growing your own spuds – anywhere – so long as you keep in mind potatoes are a cool-season crop (think the high Andes or misty Ireland). Cool-season growing means the ‘off-season’ (Winter) in hot areas like most of Florida, early Spring (and Fall) in the Border States, and over the Summer in the North.
Unique for northern Certified Seed Potato businesses – because we sell what we grow – we ship our Maine organic Certified Seed Potato crop to home and market gardeners ten months per year, when our customers need them, from Sept until the Fourth of July.
In our organic mail order seed business ( we are in fact winding down our seed shipments to Florida as Winter down there wanes. Next up are AL, GA, HI & CAL, followed by TX, LA, MS and then the Carolinas.
In Maine, Winter holds on. It was -15oF here this morning. Jim

“Potatoes are actually healthier than you may realize. A good source of fiber, a medium-size potato has only 150 calories, with 45 percent of daily vitamin C, 18 percent of daily potassium needs, 4 grams of protein and 34 grams of carbohydrates…

“All you need to grow potatoes is a sunny space (six to eight hours of sunlight) in an area with well-drained acidic soil, seed potatoes, a water source and a general garden fertilizer. Potatoes grow best when day temperatures are warm and the nights are cool, so now is an ideal time to plant. Although they can be grown in containers, make sure the containers are deep because the potatoes need to be covered as they develop to shield them from sunlight.”