State-of-Organic 2017

IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) – of which OSGATA is a member – has issued their 2017 Report (…/files/press-release-world-2017-engli…) documenting the ever-growing world-wide strength of organic agriculture. The Report is chock full of statistics and explains the organic boom with twenty graphs and charts.
Organic growth continues at a rapid pace – driven by strong consumer demand. Major markets continue to show annual sales increases at double-digit rates.
Some of the highlights are, worldwide, organic production is now practiced by 2.4 million farmers in 179 countries (up from 172) on almost 126 million acres of farm land. In eleven countries, 10% – or more – of farmland is organic. The three countries with the highest percentage of organic farmland are Liechtenstein (30.2%), Austria (21.3%) and Sweden (16.9%).
Sales of organic goods has topped $80 billion world wide with half of those sales in the United State alone. Denmark has the highest organic market share at 8.4%. Jim