Merger Plans Against Solid Anti-Trust History

Excellent article providing good background and insight by our friend, Vermont organic farmer Will Allen (author of ‘The War on Bugs’).
In 1967, a federal judge backed the government’s fully justified Anti-Trust action and “ordered Monsanto to sell all of its interest—50 percent—in Mobay back to Bayer.”
It’s time to respect that precedent and nix this outrageous anti-competitive merger of malevolent Monsanto & Bayer – plus similar proposed monopolistic mergers involving other ‘Big Six’ Chem/Biotech players Dow, Dupont and Syngenta. Jim

“Fifty years ago, the Monsanto and Bayer corporations were forced to separate in order to avoid violating basic antitrust regulations. U.S. courts declared that the two chemical giants, when operating together under the name Mobay, stymied market competition and comprised a monopoly that could not stand…

“In addition to market control, Bayer’s proposed purchase is aimed at steadying a reeling Monsanto, which is mired in turmoil from a long list of objectionable activities involving toxic pesticides and its increasingly unpopular genetically-modified organisms. Ironically, given its own sullied past that includes Nazi sympathizing and marketing heroin-laced cough syrup for children, Bayer is being portrayed as the one riding to the rescue of Monsanto’s poor public image. If anything, it’s a sign of just how low the Monsanto brand and reputation has plummeted, forcing it to try and improve its image by sidling up to Bayer, a participant in some of the cruelest crimes in human history.”