Lawsuit Drawing Out Collusion Between Monsanto and Government

Plaintiff lawyers in the major Monsanto ‘Roundup’ class-action lawsuit trial are crying foul and claiming collusion between Monsanto and government regulatory officials.
If lawyers’ accusations prove accurate, it could well explain why the deadly human-carcinogen ‘Roundup’ herbicide – now alarmingly showing up in studies as an unwanted contaminant present in the vast majority of American people – has NOT been banned.
Lawyers are attempting to “depose Mr. Rowland, the EPA’s recently retired deputy division director.” Jim

“The allegation is based on a letter dated March 4, 2013, written by the late EPA senior toxicologist Marion Copley, in which she concludes that, ‘It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer,’ directly contradicting the agency’s 1991 ruling that glyphosate is not carcinogenic to humans.

“In the letter, Copley accuses Rowland of behaving unethically, intimidating staff, and changing reports to favor industry. ‘For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants,’ she wrote. ‘For once do the right thing and don’t make decisions based on how it affects your bonus’…

“Two years after Copley wrote the letter, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified glyphosate as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’…

“Several countries, including Colombia, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Bermuda, and the Netherlands have responded to the IARC cancer listing by banning the sale of Roundup and other herbicides that contain glyphosate. Argentina, Brazil, and Germany are considering bans, and France banned their use in home gardens.”