Farmers in India Abandon GE Cotton Seed

A trickle has become a torrent as Indian farmers run at break-neck-speed AWAY from Monsanto’s failing genetically engineered cotton seed. Instead, these wise farmers are opting for open-source indigenous Indian cotton varieties. And the Indian farmers are not alone.
The rate of Monsanto GE seed abandonment is stunning. From the linked ‘Reuter’s’ article: “Official estimates peg the area planted with the new variety at 72,280 hectares in northern India, up from roughly 3,000 hectares last year.” Jim

“But recently the Indian government has been promoting the use of indigenous seeds as an alternative. In the past year Monsanto has lost $75 million in royalties from the switch. As Keshav Raj Kranthi of India‚Äôs Central Institute for Cotton Research stated, ‘Just wait for the crucial three to four years to see a complete, natural turnaround. By then most farmers will give up Bt cotton and go for the indigenous variety.’

“Monsanto claims that the genetically modified cotton seeds they sell are superior, but places in West Africa, where Monsanto is similarly pushing their Bt seeds, rejected the gm seeds after finding it produced poor quality cotton.”

Monsanto loses millions of dollars after Indian farmers switch to indigenous seeds