Citizens Opposed to Reckless Bald Mountain Mine

Yesterday, the Maine Legislature’s Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (again) received an earful. Citizens from all across Maine, shocked by a proposal written by lobbyists for Canada’s notorious Irving Corporation – and backed by the wayward administration of Gov. Paul LePage – testified against the gutting of Maine’s tough mining regulations.
Irving Ltd has stubbornly failed to renounce plans for an environmentally disastrous open pit copper mine on Aroostook County’s Bald Mountain, located in the North Maine Woods 40 miles northwest of Wood Prairie Family Farm. (Video:
It’s universally recognized current tough mining regulations would have to be weakened in order to allow Irving’s irresponsible project to go forward. Inevitable heavy metals contamination from mining Bald Mountain would forever ruin the pristine watersheds of the Fish and Aroostook Rivers.
Fifteen Aroostook County residents made the 500-mile-roundtrip to Augusta to offer testimony in oppostion to Irving’s reckless proposal.
Mainers please write and call your Legislators and urge then to defeat Irving’s bill known as LD 395. Thanks! Jim & Megan

“Bald Mountain has been eyed by several companies for its copper, gold and other metals since the 1970s, and it was a catalyst for the 2012 law that replaced a stringent mining law from 1990 that was enacted in the wake of mine failures in the midcoast area during the 1970s. One of those failures, the former Callahan Mine in Brooksville, is now a Superfund site. No large-scale metal mining has occurred in Maine since 1977.”