Excellent Article on Why OTA’s ‘Organic Checkoff’ Proposal is a Disaster

ACTION ALERT! COMMENTS TO USDA ON OTA’s ‘ORGANIC CHECKOFF DUE APRIL 19. The disgraced, self-serving Organic Trade Assn (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/on-the-organic-trade-associ…) has concocted a scheme for a mandatory tax on organic farmers by way of a dubious “Organic Checkoff” proposal.
While the deck has been stacked against them, there is deep and growing opposition from authentic organic farmers to the ill-advised OTA’s plan.
Now, our friend, Liana Hoodes of NOFA-NY, has written this MUST READ succinct article – “Why the Organic Checkoff is Bad for Organic Farmers, the Environment, and Independent Family Farm Agriculture.” It summarizes the concerns over this major threat to organic farmers – which therefore threatens the organic community, including you and your family.
Please take just a few minutes to electronically submit a paragraph or two of comments to USDA (http://noorganiccheckoff.com/).
Organic farmers everywhere thank you! Jim & Megan