Cornucopia on Corporate Grain Fraud

On the heels of a second scathing expose’ by the Washington Post on corporate driven fraud – this time massive corporate fraud in the import of extremely suspect “organic” grain – organic watchdog Cornucopia Institute is calling for a change in NOP leadership.
The frustration within the organic community is understandable, as is the desire to hold individuals accountable.
One thing is for sure, the operation of USDA NOP has been grossly dysfunctional. Yet the ultimate question remains: how much of that dysfunction is due to inept mismanagement and how much is due to NOP’s implementation of destructive directives from hostile captive political leaders?
We know many dedicated and honest individuals who work for USDA. However, as an institution, USDA is eye-ball deep in gross collusion with Industrial Ag. With its 35 (formerly 45) employees, NOP is just one important but small drop in the bucket of USDA’s 100,000 employees. Jim…/6d165984-2b76-11e7-a616-d7…

“Cornucopia’s letter to Perdue follows the release of a new investigation by The Washington Post documenting massive shipments of fraudulent organic grains entering the U.S. from China and Eastern Europe. The May 13 article, The labels said ‘organic.’ But these massive imports of corn and soybeans weren’t, details how easy it has been for exporters to sell gross amounts of fraudulent ‘organic’ commodities to U.S. markets.

“‘This is the second organic major-league scandal uncovered this month by The Washington Post, and it confirms a longstanding pattern of negligence and corruption documented by our researchers,’ said Will Fantle, Cornucopia’s codirector.”