Study: Glyphosate Desiccant is Bad News.

A new scientific study identifies serious problems associated with the latter-day practice of airplane-sprayed crop-desiccating-herbicides – like deadly glyphosate, chief ingredient in Monsanto’s ‘Round-Up’ – on field crops. (Details:…/…/abstracts/109/1/239…)
This relatively-new additional use of toxins is now commonly applied in conventional (NON-ORGANIC) farming on such grain and legume crops as wheat, oats, dry beans and lentils. The practice involves spraying herbicides late in the season as an aid in getting a crop to dry down evenly for harvest.
Of course, organic farmers will NEVER EVER spray any persistent synthetic chemical on crops we grow.
Lentils (photo below) were the subject of this study. Scientists identified alarming levels of CHEMICAL RESIDUES in crops destined to become food for people. Additionally, seed quality was found to be inferior.
So the lesson here will be a very familiar one: Avoid this chemical mess by purchasing Certified Organic food for your family. Jim

“Improper application timing of harvest aids may reduce lentil seed yield and quality, and leave unacceptable herbicide residues in seed.

“Application of harvest aids before 30% seed moisture content reduced lentil seed yield and thousand seed weight.

“These application timings resulted in lentil seed samples exceeding residue levels of 2 and 0.03 mg kg–1 for glyphosate and saflufenacil, respectively.”