Low Prices Prompt Severa Farm Crisis

National Farmers Union historian Tom Giessel reminds us that farmers have seen hard times before and lessons from the past can help today.
We are longtime members of NFU and Jim has served on the Advisory Board of local chapter ‘New England Farmers Union.’ Jim & Megan

“Commodity prices, as a percentage of parity, are at an all-time low. No, this is not the first farm crisis, but the debt spiral is spinning faster than a Kansas tornado. Yes, there are economic models that can produce grain, livestock, fruits, vegetables and milk at a very low economic cost. But can those prices support a family, a rural economy or a community? No. We are in the throes of an economic system which exploits, extracts and steals not only the wealth of the land, but the dignity of the human being…

“Now, as in the past, the question before us is, ‘How do we right the ship?’ At its core, the answer is the same as it was in 1906 when James West, the president of the Indiahoma Farmers Union said, ‘Let the words be: Agitate, Organize, Educate and Cooperate.’ The core belief in the power of organization has served as a touchstone throughout Farmers Union’s history.