Our friend, the pioneering organic dairyman Albert Strauus of ‘Strauss Creamery’ in northern California is making a difference both in the organic community and across the country.
Albert proves the point that “big” does not have to always be “bad.”
Catch the details in the TV video interview. Jim

“Albert’s energy innovations are an example of his leadership and wisdom in turning farm waste cow manure into a major energy resource.

“A North Bay company famous for its dairy products is using its animal waste in a groundbreaking way to power an electric vehicle and its entire farm.

“In the cattle country surrounding Tomales Bay in West Marin County, Albert Straus is known as something of a trend setter.

“In 1994, his Straus Family Creamery became the first 100-percent organic creamery in the nation.

“‘now, in Marin and Sonoma counties, 85 percent of dairies are certified organic,’ explained Straus.

“Straus believes that change is saving the economic viability of farms in the area. But a recent technological development he’s behind shows that he is thinking even bigger.

“He wants to save the planet.”