Greedy and dishonest corporations are doing their best to crash the organic community and water down tough standards.
The big fight right now is keeping out illegal soil-less Corporate Hydroponic which turns on its head the basic reality that ORGANIC FARMING IS AND MUST EVER BE A SOIL-CENTERED SYSTEM.
Organic farmers and eaters from across the country are building the resistance to PROTECT ORGANIC from corporate fraud.
Please help by signing the petition on our alliance website. Thanks and spread the word! Jim & Megan

“Organic food is in danger of losing its meaning, so farmers and activists rallied today to stop corporate interests from destroying the last vestiges of ethical organic farming.
Corporate lobbyists are pushing the National Organic Standards Board to include hydroponic production in the Organic label. While the details can seem esoteric, the implications are already rippling through the food system…

“’For over one hundred years, organic farming has been synonymous with nurturing the soil and thereby providing the success of organic farmers in growing strong, healthy plants and nutritionally superior food. Soil-less, artificial production, regardless of how politically powerful Industrial Hydroponics may be, has no place in honest organic. And it never will’ – Jim Gerritsen, ME organic farmer, Wood Prairie Family Farm; President, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, Bridgewater.”