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Weather Underground. Winter Storm 'Nemo': A Historical Perspective. Among Top Five Storms on Record. (02/10/13)

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EWG. The Top 10 Stories of the Year in Agriculture, Food and Water. Drought, Prop 37, GE Crops. (12/21/12)

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ILSR. Bangladesh Fire Shows Why We can't Trust Walmart to Green Its Supply Chain. The Real Walmart. (12/20/12)

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New York Times. Lawyers From Suits Against Big Tobacco Target Food Makers. Forced into Truthful Marketing. (08/18/12)

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James Hansen. Storms of My Grandchildren's Opa. Practical Progress for Dealing with Climate. (12/13/12)

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The Asian Age. Independent Science in Jeopardy. Independant Research Does Not upport GE. (12/05/12)

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Farmer to Consumer. Jury Vindicates Farmer of Criminal Charges Related to Minnisota Food Buying Coop. Consumer Right-To-Choice Upheld. (09/27/12)

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The Sustainable Man. Take Back The Land. Excellent Short (1:40) Vandana Shiva Video. (06/30/12)

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Common Dreams. Our Hunger Games. Vandana Shiva Article. (08/28/12)

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IPS News. Rural Women in Peru Key to Adaptation of Seeds to Climate Change. Valuable Farmer Resources. (05/29/12)

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Wake Up World. Organic Farmers vs. Monsanto: Appeal Filed! Petition Supporting Farmers in OSGATA v. Monsanto. (05/28/12)

Food & Water Watch. Public Research, Private Gain. Collusion at Land-Grant Universities. (04/12)

Huffington Post. 'Agent Orange Corn' Debate Rages As Dow Seeks Approval Of New Genetically Modified Seed. Resistance to New GMO Corn. (04/26/12)

Grist. 'Pink slime' is the tip of the iceberg: Look what else is in industrial meat. Investigative expose. (03/19/12)

AAAS. Science: Common Crop Pesticide Harms Bumblebee and Honeybee Species. Colony Collapse Disorder. (03/29/12)

NPR. A Mom and A Baby Find Out What's Really Rural In California. Lisa Hamilton & Real Rural. (02/08/12)

GroundTruth. HUGE Win! Arysta pulls methyl iodide nationwide. Consumer Resistence Effective. (03/20/12)

Raw Milk Freedom Riders. Farmer Faces Possible 3-year Prison Term for Feeding Community. Farmer Vernon Hershberger of WI. (02/27/12)

Mother Jones. The Making of an Agribusiness Apologist. Philpott Exposes Atrazine Shills. (02/24/12)

The Cagle Post. FBI Targets Food Activists as Terrorists. Open Up And Say "Ahh" (12/23/11)

Grist. Top 10 Food Stories of 2011. The good food news of 2011. (12/22/11)

John Bunting. Pithy reports on the dairy industry. (12/11/11)

Grist. Inside Eye-Opener. Confessions of a former Big Food executive. (11/02/11)

Grist. Drawing the Connections Between Economy & the Environment. From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Earth. (10/27/11)

Deutsche Welle. Interview with UN Special Rapporteur. Speculation on basic foodstuffs is catastrophic. (10/16/11)

Mother Jones. Tom Philpott on Big Ag Concentration & Power. Foodies, Get Thee to Occupy Wall Street. (10/14/11)

Stupid Grin Blog. Harvest in Aroostook County. Article on Aroostook County Potato Harvest. (09/26/11) Article on National Heirloom Exhibition. Down to Earth. (09/09/11)

Ann Arbor. D. Landeth Seed Company Needs Help. Home and Garden: America's oldest seed company is in danger of closing. (09/02/11)

Daily Yonder. Speak Your Piece: The President and Seed. Obama's Midwest tour Misses Mark. (08/23/11)

Western Farm Press. New limits proposed for federal farm payments. Federal Farm Payments Article. (06/10/11)

North American Potato Market News. Aribitrator Rules - Now What? Maine Potato Farmers and McCains. (05/06/11)

The Washington Times. Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally. FDA Pursuit of Interstate transaction. (04/28/11)

New Yorker. The truth wears off. Monsanto Scientist Quits USDA. (12/13/10)

Michigan State University. Visualizing Consolidation in the Global Seed Industry: 1996-2008. Seed Industry Structure Chart.(2009)